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                                  Engineering technology research center of Ministry of education advanced computer
                                  release time: 2014-02-27 22:23  |  author:null

                                  Engineering technology research center of Ministry of education Beihang University advanced computer (hereinafter referred to as the Engineering Center) was established in 2006 June, the predecessor is the computer application engineering of Beihang University, director of the center for doctoral tutor Professor Xiong zhang. The main goal of Engineering Center construction is the combination of Beihang University School of computer science and technology achievements, to carry out engineering research, engineering and technology results in the formation of independent intellectual property rights; according to the national economy and national defense construction and market development needs, to carry out research on integrated innovation, implementation is the key technology of independent intellectual property products. The new science and technology engineering center forward in the engineering research and study in the process of integrated innovation, to carry out basic research by the Institute of computer, realize the key technology breakthrough, to form the pattern of computer science and engineering center cooperation, coordinated development, promote the transformation of the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, including the transformation of technical achievements, Standard Specification for information research, several business consulting, international exchanges and cooperation, personnel training and mechanism innovation goals. Technology: Engineering Center mainly relying on scientific and technological achievements have important market value of Beihang University Computer Science and technology disciplines have made, at the same time, the introduction of digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, carry out engineering research and integrated innovation, provide suitable for mass production of engineering general, key technology to the market, or market competition ability technology products, industry solutions. Standard Specification for development: to carry out the standard technology and business (specification) research and development, and actively with the international organization for standardization cooperation information consultation: for the relevant areas, the development of the industry or large computer application or information engineering consulting, design, demonstration and other professional and technical services. International Cooperation: to carry out extensive exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign famous enterprises and research institutions in technology, products, standard, application and project management etc.. Personnel training: the discipline advantage, combining the postgraduate training mechanism, comprehensive system of training high quality innovative talents in science and technology and management personnel. Innovation: innovation research and demonstration, and actively carry out the achievements in scientific research in Colleges of engineering, industrial transformation mechanism. In recent years, chair of the National Natural Science Foundation, the national eleven five science and technology support program, aviation, aerospace and fund fund a project 863, at the same time, the successful implementation of the Great Hall of the people, the NPC Standing Committee, the CPPCC National Committee, the Party Congress, the Hongkong Legislative Council of Macao and other large multimedia conference system; large engineering project, a weak current system domestic large international airport in South to North Water Transfer Project related information management system. At present, has published more than 100 papers, applied for the national invention patent hundred, access to a number of provincial and ministerial level awards. The center for the existing 1 Professor, 3 associate professors, 2 lecturers, 1 administrative staff, project staff 3, doctoral and graduate students more than 50 people. Including the current research direction of engineering technology research center of Ministry of Education: advanced computer large-scale engineering applications, multimedia information hiding, wireless sensor network and ad hoc network, multimedia content understanding.


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