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                                  Declaration on the organization funded by the 2014 annual "Notice of Beihang University graduate educatio
                                  release time: 2014-02-27 22:23  |  author:null

                                  All the teachers:

                                  According to the "research of Beihang University graduate education and development special fund management approach" (school grinds letter [2003]5 word document) regulations 2014, supported by the "postgraduate education and research and development fund" to declare the work now officially launched. Each school in accordance with the "Beihang University graduate education and development special fund 2014 year research project guide" (see Annex) requirements, earnestly organize the declaration. Specific arrangements are as follows:

                                  1, February 24th -3 month 15 days, by unit school, mobilize and organize the declaration, and fill out the declaration materials. Application form please login to the graduate school website: http://graduate.buaa.edu.cn, in the training of management / Fund / graduate education and research and development special fund directory download;

                                  2, March 20th years ago, by unit school, culture will declare material in the college examination five copies submitted to graduate school.

                                  3, contact: Wang Yue, Tel: 82313404, location: East office building 109 room.

                                  Notice is hereby given.

                                  Graduate School of Beihang University

                                  January 21, 2014


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