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                                                  Study on the structure of the system
                                                  release time: 2014-02-27 22:23  |  author:null

                                                  Computer College of Beihang University Institute of system structure has long been engaged in a new computer architecture, high performance computing, distributed parallel computing, embedded technology and embedded product research and development. In high performance computing and related technology embodies a China famous high performance computer scientist Professor Zhu Mingfa and Professor Xiao Limin is the academic leader of high quality, reasonable structure, scientific research and industrial practice promote each other with outstanding academic team. The main member of the academic team has long been engaged in high performance computing and related technology research and development work, in the high performance computing has some advanced world level, symbolic innovation achievements in domestic and foreign academic circles and industrial circles are influential, has presided over the organization, participation, finished "Deepcomp 7000", "Deepcomp 6800", "Deepcomp 1800", "Deepcomp 2600", "dawn 3000", "dawn," 2000-I 2000-II "dawn", "dawn 1000" series of high performance computer such as a large number of major national scientific research achievements, won a national science and technology progress prize and the two prize of progress of science and technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the special prize and the first prize in Beijing city top prize of science and technology, Ministry of Information Industry Ministry of science and technology major technological invention award, national key new product award, Ministry of education, science and technology progress award 10 national and ministerial level science and technology awards.

                                                  In terms of operating system, research institute is one of the earliest application and popularization of VRTX, the operating system of RTEMS unit. Study on the development of VTRX based distributed fault-tolerant operating system, successfully applied in a project of national defense in the six processing node based on 1553B bus distributed control management system, has been peer experts and users of praise. At the same time, research on RTEMS real-time embedded operating system kernel source code analysis complete, improved the core algorithm of the operating system kernel, realized the dynamic loading system module, further improves the real-time property of RTEMS and scalable.

                                                  In the development of embedded system, is one of the earliest studies will be one of the embedded and fault-tolerant computing technology used in the avionics system unit. The redundant flight control fault-tolerant computer prototype achieved a technological breakthrough 16 bit to 32 bit control fault tolerant computer system. It has taken the State 863 project "to strengthen the intelligent workstation", "scalable parallel cluster system BBP_SPC", "a type of Hale UAV video codec system based on H.264", "IP Camera" and "having distributed shared memory mechanism of the scalable system", "based on the ship - to test environment the strong real-time non interference of the software testing environment", with rich experience in construction, parallel system, load balancing and special high speed network and protocol design. Has undertaken a number of national and provincial ministries key subject, and won the national science and technology progress award a and a number of ministerial level scientific and technological progress award one or two.

                                                  In recent years, the team in reconfigurable computing development accelerated, the key technology research and application of system simulation, and virtual research work in the aspects of structure system, we are currently embarked on multi-core computing and reconfigurable computing research on the key technology of the integration of. In the application of accelerated mainly concentrates in the parallel system, high performance communication protocol, network security protocol key performance acceleration and HPC application key algorithms using FPGA technology. In the National 863 project "high performance computer" project support, we are on the field of oil exploration seismic data processing algorithm of parallel cluster performance acceleration using FPGA technology. At the same time, we also studied the system simulator technology. In this direction we focus on full system simulator for high performance embedded processor, and the realization of simulation acceleration parallel technology. In the Sino French cooperation project support, has completed a ARM simulator, the simulation system can support embedded system with ARM processor as the core, is currently developing a dual core PowerPC processor simulator, and study how to use multi-core / processor simulation of the future multi-core processor speed. In addition, in the Intel (China) research project and the National 863 "multi GPU based Cache simulation acceleration technology" project support, the use of GPU technology with Cache simulator for multi-core architecture and its research work acceleration techniques. In order to speed up the performance of parallel data support based on reconfigurable computing, we are developing an architecture oriented modeling simulator platform, to support user using an architecture description language to complete architecture modeling and automatic generation of simulator.

                                                  In the virtualization and OS, research objectives on multi-core processor efficient virtualization, in the face of multi-core processor system structure of HVMM, HVMM high efficiency switching mechanism, multi-core computing efficient resource allocation and management of scheduling algorithm, to carry out research work in four important respects and unified I/0 virtual methods, in the the National 863 project "Research on key technology of VMM support" for the nuclear structure, is building a multi nuclear structure of VMM prototype system. The study helps to give full play to advantages and great potential in multi nuclear structure, which lays the foundation for the further development of multi-core virtual property is a new generation of operating system research.

                                                  Development in computer research on high performance work includes:


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