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                                                                                  Study on the combined software and
                                                                                  release time: 2014-02-27 22:23  |  author:null

                                                                                  Study on the combined software (referred to as the Sino German English, abbreviation JSI) is based on the China and Germany government agreement on cooperation in science and technology, Ministry of science and technology China, by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the German department and the German Fraunhof Association jointly established in Beijing professional, National High level international cooperation institute. Germany in 2003 October to set up, from 2004 October onwards on the management and construction of Beihang University. Sino German Institute of German peer partner is HHI of the Fraunhof Institute in germany. The HHI protocol is established according to the mobile communication technology and JSI peer to peer MCI, by the famous German scientists cloth he served as director of the.

                                                                                  Sino German the positioning and goal is to explore new mechanism of scientific research and international cooperation at the same time, demand for national important application technology and industrial development, make full use of the international cooperation and communication channels and the stage, attracting talents, and strive to make a contribution to the national economy and the development of Science and technology.

                                                                                  At present, China Germany where the network calculation software development, environment is the key technology of computer architecture and wireless sensor networks, several levels of new service supporting platform and the design of new drug research and development, aviation, electronic government affairs application system to carry out research and development work. At present, the Sino German cooperation relationship with all the German partner Fraunhof association under the four Research Institute of the University, two. At the same time, and other European countries such as Italy, France, Britain, Belgium, Greece, South Korea, Australia and USA national universities and research institutions are also carried out substantial cooperation.

                                                                                  In recent years, chaired or participated in the national science and technology projects, international cooperation projects and the project nearly 40 projects, published more than 100 academic papers, authorization and apply for invention patents and software copyrights and other intellectual property rights of more than 10, won the two national science and Technology Progress Award 1.

                                                                                  The present German professor, 2 tutors, 5 associate professors, 1 lecturers, administrative staff 2 people, graduate students more than 70 people.

                                                                                  In terms of hardware facilities, high performance computing equipment and nearly 100TB of the storage device and the currently has more than 8 teraflops computing ability, construct high-speed network and wireless local area network environment based on IPv4/v6.

                                                                                  And the directions for future research are: computer architecture and high performance computing, focusing on support for multi-core programmable microarchitecture, massively parallel systems programming model, simulation technology and low power control technology; network and service computing, emphasis on the cross domain, heterogeneous network environment, system controllability, reliability and availability of the mechanism and related implementation technology of distributed computing, sharing of resources integration, service oriented and collaborative method and technology; a new generation of computer network, focuses on the research of a new generation of network architecture and implementation technology, wireless sensor network, key technology of overlay and P2P network etc..


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