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                  State Key Laboratory of software development environment
                  release time: 2014-02-27 22:23  |  author:null

                  In 1988 by the State Development Planning Commission decided to build national key laboratory of Beihang University software development environment, 1992 formal construction, in 1995 through the national acceptance. National Laboratory of opening to the outside world, and the competition of prospective based on Internet, information and communication as the main research direction of new technology, software development tools and environment of high technology research base. The laboratory has fixed staff of 25, including 1 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 8 professors, 12 associate professors, doctoral students in reading 61, 158 postgraduates. Since 1997, the research project of a total of nearly 160 items, including 973 project 2 (both as chief scientist), 863 Project 25, project 21.

                  The laboratory has won the first prize, two prize in 1995 National Natural Science Prize two 2004 National Science and technology progress and the 2005 national teaching achievement, provincial science and Technology Progress Award for 9, 27 patents, published about 500 papers of high level academic papers, realize the transformation of intellectual property over 30000000 yuan.

                  The laboratory has built the leading domestic, international advanced research environment, including high performance server has a billion times floating-point computation ability, integrated network environment is composed of IPv4/v6 high speed Internet, wireless mobile networks and satellite communication network of heterogeneous, high speed, more massive information storage environment 10TB


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