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                                                                  School of computer science and technology innovation practice of Beihang University undergraduate work forum
                                                                  release time: 2014-02-27 22:23  |  author:quyue

                                                                  The morning of January 4, 2014, Beihang University Computer College in new building conference room G849, held the practice of undergraduate science and technology innovation forum. Computer College Party committee secretary Liu Xudong teacher, Dean Professor Lv Weifeng, vice president Mr. Gao Xiaopeng, deputy party secretary of Gu Guangyao teachers, and college science and technology innovation practice working committee teacher Liu Chao teacher, teacher Li Zhoujun and teacher members attended the symposium.

                                                                  Committee of School of computer science and technology innovation practice is the guiding role to play in our hospital in the practice of college students in science and technology innovation as the goal, led by experienced professors teachers, young teachers as the main force, a according to students' innovation practice guidance team.

                                                                  The meeting, all the teachers mainly for undergraduate science and technology innovation and practical work carried out in-depth discussion. First of all, Mr. Gu Guangyao combined with the basic situation of our hospital in recent years to carry out undergraduate science and technology innovation practice activity is briefly introduced, and emphatically points out the insufficiency, students' self initiative innovation is lack, practice team etc.. Then, each committee teachers on how to solve these problems, to promote the technology innovation ability of Undergraduate Practice in our hospital carried out extensive discussion. In recent years many times as the "Feng Cup" the Committee consultant Liu Chao teacher pointed out that the unbalanced information projects in software and hardware, we should develop the human point of view to promote scientific and technological practice, with more dimension traction lead technology innovation practice. The Committee consultant Li Zhoujun teacher pointed out, should pay attention to let students experience the practice of science and technology of fun, under the guidance of teachers, have more professional, specific guidance team, not only confined to a single interaction between students and teachers. In addition, all the committee members are also actively expressed their opinions and suggestions. For example: many teachers recommend developing a school of "Feng Cup" compilation, let the students understand the previous project, do not repeat work. Part of the teacher pointed out that should use alumni, corporate support, provide a more broad platform and resource support for undergraduate science and technology practice. Many teachers pointed out the need to build a communication platform, concentrated display of the teachers and the students are good ideas between teachers and students, encourage each other, encouraging students to dare to think, to protect the students' original innovation.

                                                                  Finally, vice president Gao Xiaopeng and Secretary of the Party committee of teacher teaching Liu Xudong teacher made a concluding statement. High teacher teaching reform of undergraduate, puts forward the importance of science and technology innovation practice. The undergraduate education reform in teaching system based on learning the international first-class university, hope to train students of more systematic scientific practice ability. Liu pointed out that, to develop the school provides students with the guidance channels, to enrich the students' exercise platform, combined with multi channel power to jointly promote the practice of science and technology work. To continue to encourage and support students groups like Computer Association say, create mutual participation discussion and communication environment, and the establishment of creative base, so that teachers and students can mutually "claim" creativity, team building, common practice. In addition, to let the students go out, take part in the national and international various competitions, broaden their horizons, enrich the students' exercise platform.

                                                                  The seminar will end in the heated discussion of all the brilliant teacher, also has brought many new thoughts and suggestions for the practice of undergraduate work of innovation of science and Technology College of computer. The college will to contest the "Feng Cup" as an opportunity, teachers and students to establish the practice of science and technology exchange platform, enlarge students' training channels, to enrich the students' practical support, continue to promote scientific and technological innovation practice in our hospital process.


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